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A short guide on how to use the web page

The web page of this project was built to offer clear information about the work we have done and beyond that about the community we have chosen as target group for this project. We hope that everybody can find interesting, useful things that might help understand better and become aware of issues of great interest.

If you want to find out more about the partnership that worked together in this project click on Project Partners.

The Project Description helps you to have an idea from where we started and what we intended to do, what are our aims and values.

The Other documents and links contain articles, research papers, interesting writings etc. about Roma people, statistical data concerning this community, its life in their country and in Europe. Here you will also find web addresses you can search concerning this topic.

The Guide for Educators' aim is to help both the Roma and non-Roma communities particularly in their educational needs. The material is aimed at Roma people, nationals or immigrants; professionals working with the Roma community, and the general population. It includes a series of useful contacts for users, a key bibliography and voices representing the Roma community from each of the participating countries in the project.
The guide is a basic resource for teachers in adult education centres. Its main purpose is to help welcoming the European Roma who attend these centre's activities. It will make easier their inclusion and consequently their access to lifelong learning.

The Basic Module: Europe is another main output of the project. It is a didactical resource which provides immigrant Roma with information about the European Union. It includes activities with the following topics: EU countries, languages, institutions, political issues, minority rights, history of Roma people, European citizenship etc.

Enjoy, learn, care! :)

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