Once you have selected the prioriodidades, joint commissions trabajo.En an assembly where the whole school community involved planning decisions are agreed and mixed the different working committees are formed are formed.

In this process it is important to define the roles of each committee taking into account:

  • They all have the same validity
  • They have to be heterogeneous
  • That must be delegated
  • That everyone can participate
  • School organization that is organized through committees
  • Commissions have autonomy, decisiveness and must be substantiated by the School Board
MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE Coordinates and tracks of other committees. It consists of representatives of management and representatives of each joint committee
MIXED COMMISSIONS According to specific priorities. They may be formed by custodians, students, exalumnado, teachers, family members, delegates / as classrooms, local associations / counselors. Examples of types of joint committees: learning commission, committee volunteer infrastructure committee, etc..

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