4.Selección priorities

At this stage the priorities Sleep, from knowledge of reality and the means by which this account is established. Some of the most significant priorities that are taking place in learning communities are tutored library, interactive groups, family training, apprenticeship contracts, the center's opening hours and more days, or community prevention conflicts, among others.

INFORMATION SEARCH Seeking information about: school (history, external view, media, infrastructure); teachers (training, relationship with the environment); administrative staff (potential); students (attendance, absenteeism, results), family (culture, language, origins).
DATA ANALYSIS Shared, discussed and debated the information obtained, shaping it into a base document; where besides those aspects that need improving, modifying or eliminating introduced.
PRIORITY SELECTION CENTER It performs the prioritization of those actions to be carried out first in the short term, and also indicate the actuacionesque be carried out in the medium and long term.

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