3.The dream

After the educational community has taken the decision to transform its center into a learning community, all stakeholders (family, teachers, students, non-teaching staff, associations, organizations) that ideal dream school under the motto "learning I want for our children is available to all children. "

The whole community thinks and remembers what school they want to model according to the principles of Learning Communities.

GROUP MEETINGS The different agents of the educational community (faculty, families, students and representatives of the environment) dream school they want. This process is done separately, are collected in different ways dreams on one side of the students, on the other side of the families, the teachers, and the social and agents.
MODEL AGREEMENT ON CENTER After collecting dreams of each of the groups takes place a process for reaching agreement on a common dream, what kind of school we want. This process is set through equal dialogue between all those who are part of the educational community.
CONTEXT OF THE BASIC PRINCIPLES IN COMMUNITY LEARNING CENTER Dreams are part of the participation process and how you can develop learning communities in school. The path starts at the same participatory process involving school dream together we want for all.

Each school chooses a way to represent the dreams of the entire educational community. There are schools that represent them through a train of dreams, clouds, on a large tree where every leaf is a dream, in a garden of dreams ...

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Article where sleep phase is described.


Examples of sleep phase published in the book:

Basque Government (2002) Communities of learning in the Basque Country Vitoria-Gasteiz:.. Center Publications Service of the Basque Government.

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