The sensitization phase is to present the basic lines of the Learning Communities project and the scientific contributions of research showing that those actions have demonstrated excellence promote school success and improvement of coexistence for all children and girls in plural and diverse contexts. The evidence is analyzed together with reflection and analysis of new challenges in society, and the challenges facing the school.

DURATION It lasts 30 hours and is i ntensiva.
ASSISTANTS You must have the presence of all the faculty and can engage all members of the educational community (family or other professionals).
OTHER PARTICIPANTS The participation of a member of a learning community that is already in operation underway successfully the most significant transformations person is valued as an important element. His contributions from practice are an enrichment in the process of formation and transformation of the center.
FIGURE OF COORDINATION Having one person during sensitization coordinator to be responsible for collecting interests, perceptions and concerns that arise in the process of sensitization. This allows for more continuity, insofar as it provides a bridge between different people exposed in each of the sessions and the faculty of teachers and other participants awareness. Specific tasks will be:

  • Pickup notes with those ideas, reflections put forward in the various discussions and suggestions, questions or issues not results in each of the sessions.
  • To liaise between different people exposed in each of the sessions, placing them at the moment in the debate, informing them about the contributions that have been made in previous sessions, etc. is.
  • Pickup on the penultimate day of awareness all questions, suggestions, thoughts or unresolved so they can address the closing session topics.

Email Contact: crea@ub.edu

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