Physical Education in CA

In the field of physical education has been carried out R & D Project (Plan Nacional I + D) entitled "Play, talks and solves: overcoming conflicts in physical education through community model. Design a specific program for Learning Communities ".

This project aims to identify conflicts and strengthen the mechanisms to overcome them through physical education and sport, generating positive attitudes transferable to other areas. All this under the Learning Communities project, delving into the role of physical education as contributing area from the dialogic model of conflict prevention to develop positive attitudes towards the conflict moved to any point in the lives of children and Girls.

As in other curricular areas has begun Groups Interactive experience in physical education through the involvement of volunteers and interns college and university students. Interactive Physical Education Groups allow different organizations in the same session conducting various teaching units in parallel, under the responsibility of an adult. This type of organization in the classroom (Interactive Groups) facilitates dialogue and interactions between children and significantly decreases the conflicts that often occur in the physical education classes, such as discussions on the implementation of the rules of a game.

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