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Article in the Journal of Education. Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports.

  • Flecha, R., Garcia, R. & Gómez, A. (2013). Transfer dialogic literary gatherings to penal institutions. Education Journal, 360, pp. 140-161. Abstract Full text

Article in electronic journal of geography and social sciences Scripta Nova.

  • Garcia, C.; Leena, A; Petrenas, C. (2013). Learning Communities. Scripta Nova. Electronic journal of geography and social sciences. Vol XVII, No.. 427 (7), XVII. University of Barcelona. article on-line.
  • Elboj, C., Pulido, M. & Welikala, T. (2013). The Information Technology and Communication at the output of rural isolation. The case of Arino. Scripta Nova, Vol XVII, No.. 427.   Article on-line.

Monograph: "Acts Communications for Social Inclusion" in Signs Magazine, Studies in Linguistics.

  • Of communicative acts of power to the dialogic communicative acts in classrooms organized in interactive groups. Esther Oliver, Suzanne Gatt. Pdf in Spanish
  • Interactive interpretation of texts through dialogic literary gatherings. Cristina Pulido, Brigita Zepa. Pdf in Spanish
  • Beyond the sexist language: communicative acts in the affective-sexual relationships of adolescents. Oriol Rios, Christou Miranda. Pdf in Spanish
  • Communicative acts in business. Ignacio Santa Cruz, Gisela Redondo. Pdf in Spanish
  • Dialogicality and power in the racist and anti-racist discourse. Olga Sarradell, Ariadna Munté. Pdf in Spanish
  • From the speech acts of Austin to communicative acts: Insights Searle, Habermas and CREA. Marta Soler, Ramon Flecha. Pdf in Spanish
  • Dialogic communicative acts and communicative acts of power in research. Teresa Sordé, Mikko Ojala. Pdf in Spanish

Monograph in the journal Culture and Education

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