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Publication based on the final results of the Sixth Framework Programme INCLUD-ED project

INCLUD-ED Consortium (2011). Performing successfully in European schools. Madrid: Ministry of Education IFIIE. Sign

Article published in the journal Cambridge Journal of Education

  • Valls, R; & Kyriakides, L. (2013). The power of Interactive Groups: how diversity of adults volunteering in classroom groups can Promote inclusion and success for children of vulnerable ethnic minority Populations. Cambridge Journal of Education. Abstract Full text

Monograph Keys for educational success. Journal of Education Magazine No. 429 December 2012 ISSN 0210-0630.

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  • Presentation: Keys for educational success. Centre of Research in Theories and Practices that Overcome Inequalities (CREA).
  • The INCLUD-ED. Carmel Mulcahy and Rosa Valls project.
  • Performing educational success, universal and transferable. Mikko Ojala and Maria Padrós.
  • Ramón Flecha "The attention to diversity has legitimized inequality." Judith Cervós Casals.
  • Mixture, streaming and inclusion. Three ways of grouping students Elena Duque, Charlotte Holland and Joana Rodriguez.
  • The inclusion of students with disabilities. Silvia Molina and Miranda Christou.
  • Interactive Groups: heterogeneity and resource optimization. Naomi Martin and Irene Ortoll.
  • Readings in more spaces and more people. Racionero Sandra and Maria Brown.
  • Time learning beyond the classroom. Marilyn and Mimar Ramaris Formosa.
  • Tutoring outside school hours. Jonna Leinonen and Reko Niemelä.
  • Forms of participation and educational success. Suzanne Gatt and Cristina Petrenas.
  • An open neighborhood school. Heike Freire.
  • The formation of families learning community. Carme García Yuste and Montserrat.
  • Family participation in curriculum and assessment. Anna-Leena and Rocío García.
  • Community action for social and educational transformation. Sandra Rovira Girbés and Jesus.
  • Family involvement is key to overcoming cultural barriers. (CREA-UB)
  • Voices and reflections of teachers. Susana Acosta, Eva Pasioutidou Lael and Vintners.
  • Main contributions of INCLUD-ED for quality education. Aitor Gomez and Marta Soler.

Monograph on Learning Communities. Interuniversity Journal of Teacher Magazine continuation of the old Normal School Number 67 (24.1) ISSN 0213-8646.

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  • Editorial: The Keys of dialogic learning in Learning Communities. P or Rosa Valls and Ariadne Munté
  • Presentation: Learning Communities: a project of social and educational transformation Javier Díez-Palomar and Ramón Flecha García (Co).
  •   Dialogic reading and processing the Learning Communities. Consol Aguilar, José María Alonso, Maria and Miguel Ángel Pulido Padrós
  • The role of the university in Learning Communities. Antonio Aguilera, Marlen Mendoza, Sandra Racionero and Marta Soler
  • The transformation of a school in Community Learning: College "Apostle" of Burgos (Spain) and María Asunción García Fernández Cifuentes Hawrylak.
  • Dialogic learning in mathematics and science. Javier Díez-Palomar, Paloma García Wehrle, Silvia Molina Lourdes Roldan and Rue Rosell
  • Preventive socialization in Learning Communities. Ainhoa ​​Flecha, Patricia Melgar, Esther Oliver and Cristina Pulido
  • Of Dialogic Inclusion Contract. Aubert Adriana Simon, Carmen Elboj Saso, Rocío García Carrión and Juan García López
  • From the experiences of learning communities policies based on their successes. Aitor Gómez, Roseli Mello, Ignacio Santa Cruz and Teresa Sordé

. Posted in Networks Magazine An On-line Journal for teacher research on "Dialogic Education: School in Spain."

Publication in the Journal Psychology, Society and Education on Learning Communities.

  • Including Students with Disabilities in learning communities. Oriol an Silvia Molina Rios. Article on students with disabilities in Learning Communities. Pdf English .
  • Efficiency and equity in schools and learning communities. Iñaki Oscar Prieto and Santra Cruz. Article on the quality of education based on efficiency and equity. Pdf English
  • Egualitarian dialogue and instrumental dimension. Two principles of dialogic learning in the classroom. Racionero Sandra Plaza. Article on two principles of Dialogic Learning, equal dialogue and instrumental dimension. Pdf English .
  • Contact on dialogic inclusion: How get out of the ghetto Adriana Aubert and Ainhoa ​​Flecha.. Article on Dialogic Inclusion Contract. Pdf English
  • From Obama to Samara: What changes do spanush the education system and the movement roma So THAT hava to make one day it will be possible for a woman to be president roma Rocío García, Silvia Araceli, and Ramon Yuste Motserrat Flecha.Artículo on how quality education promotes access of all people to higher education, including those who have traditionally suffered greater exclusion, as in the case of Roma women. Pdf English

Article in the Harvard Educational Review

Sanchez, M. (1999). Voices Inside Schools. The Verneda-Sant Martí: A School Where People Dare to Dream. Harvard Educational Review, Vol 69, 3. Sign

Learning Communities

Article from Jesús Gómez on Learning Communities project. Contemplates the processing steps holding centers to become Learning Communities View here

Learning communities as experts in conflict resolution

Item Ramón Flecha on Learning Communities as experts in Conflict Resolution. View here

Dialogic learning and social participation. Learning Communities

Item Ramón Flecha on Dialogic Learning in Learning Communities. View here

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