On this page you can access various resources provided by Learning Communities and classified by educational activities successful. The materials have been shared by schools in order to facilitate the work of other Learning Communities at showing various proposals and different forms of organization to carry out these actions. From them, each school can develop their own models. The criteria applied for the selection of these materials are specific documents that are educational and successful actions that can be transferable to other centers.

To include your materials, please send them to:

Interactive Groups

  • Example activity guidelines Groups Interactivos.Escola The Ledoner. Catalan. Sign
  • Example of an evaluation for Interactive Groups. The Escola Ledoner. Catalan. Sign
  • Interactive Protocol volunteer groups. The Cim School. Catalan. Sign
  • CEIP Lamiako Manual Interactive Groups. CEIP Lamiako. Castilian. Sign

Training and participation of family

  • Draft family formation. The Adult School Verneda. Sign

Dialogic literary gatherings

  • Proposal for a universal classic. Mother of God School of Montserrat. Castilian. Sign
  • Manual for conducting dialogic literary gatherings. CONFAPEA. Castilian. Sign
  • Web Arabian Dialogic Literary Gatherings. CONFAPEA. Castilian. Sign

Organization Center

  • Presentation on joint committees for family and volunteering. The Escola Ledoner. Catalan. Presentation 1 and Presentation 2
  • Guide for the implementation of a plan of action from Sleep. The Cim School. Catalan. Login

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